What Are the Most Common Bugs Found in Missouri?

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Identifying a pest is crucial to treating for an infestation. Because some pests are mistaken for others, it might be helpful to know what types of pests look like and where they often live. All Seasons All Pests, LLC of Arnold, MO has provided this comprehensive guide to the common bugs found in Missouri.

The following pests thrive in...

Wood features, like porch railings
Carpenter ants | Carpenter bees
Warm, moist areas, like windows
Asian lady beetles (ladybugs) | Boxelder bugs | Wolf spiders
Dark, damp areas, like basements
Camel crickets | Ground beetles | Firebrats
Food or linen storage areas, like pantries and closets
Acrobat ants | Deer mice | Drugstore beetles | House crickets

Bed bugs live around furniture and beds, including the floor boards underneath. Yellow jackets make nests in eaves and attics.

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