Bill S.

St. Louis, MO

The owner, Dan, came to our home personally to look at our pest control problem. He quickly diagnosed our Camel Cricket problem in the bathroom and treated it on the spot. He was extremely knowledgeable on this pest and thoroughly explained the habits and necessary treatments associated with getting rid of camel crickets. It was obvious he had dealt with this pest many times before and he explained camel crickets were very common pests in st. louis.

He did a full home inspection for pests and termites and treated other areas where pests were present. He even set out sticky pest monitors in our basement, garage, laundry room and under the kitchen sink/in the pantry to monitor for spiders and other pests. Within hours we were seeing gobs of dead crickets in the bathtub, just as Dan said we would, and within days the camel crickets had almost vanished. We haven't seen a single cricket since about two weeks after our pest control treatment, and that was two months ago. We couldn't be more pleased! Dan called us the day after treatment to ask how things were going, and again the following weeks to make sure we were satisfied with his service. He offered to come back anytime and retreat my bathroom free of charge, but we haven't needed him to!

I've dealt with the "well-known" pest control companies in St. Louis before because I figured they had to be better at what they do. Boy was I wrong! Not only is ASAP's service better, they're easier to get a hold of (Dan gave us his cell # and email address), much faster to respond and all around nicer to deal with. They take off their shoes inside my home and tell me everything they did so I don't have any worries later. I would've paid far more for this pest control service but I didn't have to. The other St. Louis pest control company I had out to look at our cricket problem was one I always see on TV on channel 5. They gave us an estimate to get rid of the crickets that was 2 ½ times that of ASAP's, and the inspector barely took the time to shake my hand after handing me a piece of paper with the price on it.

We've since had Dan back out to help us with a mole problem in our yard and he's been extremely helpful so far. It's only been about a week, but Dan has been at our house every day, even Saturday, so far to check on the mole traps and baits he set out. You can tell he is intent on doing the best job possible and we have no worries that our moles will soon be gone.

We will call Dan from now on for any pest control problems and have already recommended him to several friends and family members. They even have a referral bonus program. I trust Dan to tell me what really needs to be done and know he won't try to sell me services I don't really need. ASAP is the best at what they do and the most reasonably priced pest control service in st. louis for the value! Thanks Dan!

I called ASAP after finding them online, and I am glad that I did. I submitted an online inquiry for pest control and a home termite inspection on their website, and Matt called me within minutes. He was at my door that same afternoon, and did a full inspection for insects and termites inside and out including the garage. I expected him to leave an estimate and have to come back or send someone else to do the pest control spraying. But Matt was ready to do my pest control service right then and there, and had everything he needed for the service in his truck. I had problems with spiders and roly-polys in the bedrooms and now they are gone. I have two dogs and a cat and Matt was sure to tell me that what he was doing for my service wasn't harmful to them. He also put the glue traps in spots where my animals were least likely to find them, so they don't end up stuck to them. But if it did happen, Matt told me to use vegetable oil to remove the glue trap from the pet's fur, which I'd have never thought of. Good service, good advice and good price. Will have them back again to make sure no more spiders - yuck!

Christine M

Ballwin, MO

Dan, the owner called back right away. He is very professional, both, in his way of discussing the problem and doing the actual work. He came to my home and thoroughly inspected it, inside and out before we decided on a plan. Would highly recommend ASAP.

Vicki F.

Ballwin, MO

The owner and crews were on time, did really thorough estimating/work. They took care to ensure we understood what they were proposing and what they did. Couldn't ask for more.

Edwin S.

St. Louis, MO

Matt is best in class. Gave excellent advice, did a great job at a great price and really came through for us. Highly recommended

Andy W.

Lake Saint Louis, MO

Matt was great to work with! He spent time explaining the process and was kind and courteous.

Susan B.

Chesterfield, MO